SICons for Your Discovery of Electronic Evidence

Our clients requests for examination of digital data for discovery has motivated the development of a practice specializing in this discipline. We have technical, managerial and consulting to law firms roots. This means the following to our clients:

SICons will provide you with an expert who will testify to the processes and procedures used in collecting, evaluating and processing the data found on electronic media. We authenticate the data for presentation in court.

As experts we provide experience in identifying and processing electronic data. SICons uses experts to collect, screen summarize and extract the relevant data. Our activities are documented consistent with the demands of courtroom presentation.

SICons offers you credentials, experience, and credibility when it comes to digital evidence. We help you deveolp case specific solutions to gaining access and indentifying and extracting relevant evidence.

Our services include:

         Assistance in the development of document requests which address the full range of media and procedures related to electronic data.

         Assistance in developing and executing keyword searches to locate, extract, produce in hard copy format and summarize evidence.

         Assistance in the preparation for deposition where computers are business tools relevant to the issues litigated. Futher we provide a different perspective in the development of interrogatories and other investigative legal tools.